This page the primary landing page for calculators I have built for COVID-19-related subjects. It also contains information that I have found useful in my work on COVID-19 policy analysis and modeling.

Software for COVID-19 risk analysis

Quick Start Guide (Cheat Sheet)

Handbook for population risk-stratification, reopening, and triage (can be used with software)

Policy frameworks and analysis for reopening

Policy TopicPaper

Generalizable framework for reopening businesses

A Total-Harm-Minimization Framework for Developing Expedient and Low-Risk Return-to-the-Workforce Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Example application of framework
An Example Outline for Applying the Total-Harm-Minimization Framework for Developing a Return-to-the-Workforce Policy
Assessment of state of COVID-19 modeling, opportunities and concerns (as of 4/7/2020)
COVID-19 Risk
Modeling Options, Conclusions & Concerns to Date

Tablulation of proposed quantitative models (as of 4/7/2020)
COVID-19 Epidemiological and Economic Model Atlas

Links to additional resources